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Mathematische Institute zur Behandlung der Rechenschwäche / Dyskalkulie, München – Augsburg – Regensburg – Rosenheim

Mathematical Institute for Treatment of Dyscalculia
Dyscalculia: Diagnosis – Counseling – Therapy
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Who are we?

The Mathematical Institute for Treatment of Dyscalculia has primarily specialized in the treatment of children and adolescents with dyscalculia but also treats adults with dyscalculia.

The therapists working at the institute are psychologists with Masters‘ degrees or equivalents, psychotherapists as well as education specialists and mathematicians. All have additional training as specialists in dyscalculia. The emphasis is not on practice and memorization but re-learning mathematical thought processes and improving self-esteem.

Dyscalculia or weakness in arithmetic – what is it?

There are many different forms of weakness in arithmetic, but they all have one thing in common: Comprehension of mathematical thought processes are inadequate or incomplete. These are not knowledge gaps that can be simply filled by additional training or education but actually inaccurately or falsely understanding the basics. This can be disturbances in the formation of numbers and amounts or in the formation or comprehension of mathematical relations.

Typical signs of dyscalculia can include the following:

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Diagnosis and Counseling

If you suspect your child has difficulties in arithmetic or dyscalculia, you should have him/her tested early. The earlier your child is tested, the simpler the treatment is. Since achievement tests can only show that problems exist but not what the cause is, our institute conducts a high-quality, age-adapted one-hour test which will show where the problems are and what is not understood or not adequately comprehended. Thus it is possible to get a complete picture of your child’s difficulties.

Following the test, the parents are informed about the test results and advised about further possible steps (approx. 1½ hours).


If a dyscalculia therapy is necessary, this is completely different from tutoring. The subject is reapproached with your child, beginning with the basics and is not oriented at the current subject matter at school. The goal, of course, is for your child to become competent in current school subjects but it is necessary to first work on the basics that were learned or understood incorrectly or incompletely.

In addition to the weekly therapy sessions, a specially developed homework program is instigated and regular classes for the parents further insure the success of the therapy.


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If you are interested in scheduling a test or you have additional questions:

Mathematisches Institut
zur Behandlung der Rechenschwäche / Dyskalkulie
Brienner Straße 48, 80333 München

Telephone: 0180 3001699 (9ct./min) or 089 5233142

Office hours: from Monday till Thursday of 10 am – 2:30 pm
and on Friday of 12 pm – 3:30 pm


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Therapy locations: Munich, Augsburg, Regensburg and Rosenheim and the surrounding areas.

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